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The Sun Rises every Morning

There is a new age emerging, but it is arriving in a state of flux. This new and highly unstable wave is about to replace the industrial revolution that lasted only 200 years, prior to which technological advances were very slow. It is not entirely clear which sphere of influence will take us forward. Nevertheless, let us examine the new reality facing us today. Companies of the new economy … [Read More...]

Transformation Age

Sustainable Living


The Shibumi Seven

Commander Mark Divine, SealFit, 2011. While there is nothing easy about achieving shibumi, if taken together as a cohesive set of design principles, these seven Zen principles can at least put you on the right path. The goal is not to attempt to incorporate … [Read More...]


Simple Ideas for Sustainable Living

By PENNI DUNCAN. 2008. I live in Colorado Springs, Colo., and there are many venues here that offer different kinds of classes. One day, almost 10 years ago, a friend asked if I’d like to join a voluntary simplicity study circle. It sounded interesting, so … [Read More...]